System Configuration is Complex and Unforgiving

The Problem

In practice, configuration is a disjointed collection of schemas and parameters scattered across files and databases.

Means of access and modification are restricted, often limited to a rigid administrative UI. They can also be obscure, requiring specialized expertise.

There is no reliable information on relationships between configuration items. Things can be easily broken without noticing.

High-level functionality is hidden in a forest of details and hence hard to understand.

The Solution

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We want to enable businesses to be creative and agile with the software that they use. We want to free them from worrying about the logistics of change management, and allow them to focus on having efficient operations, happy staff and satisfied customers.


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The whole configuration is represented and managed as a unified human- and machine-readable entity. It is always up-to-date and can be explored, analyzed, compared, versioned and deployed. It contains relational and other interpretive information, and support for automation is an integral part of the solution.

Nothing can simplify the underlying system configuration.

But Configo makes it manageable.

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